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 ... Missed Attending the WWDVC 2017?

Now You Can Get Access to the Recordings


As you may already know, the World Wide Data Vault Consortium or WWDVC is the premier event related to Business Intelligence, especially Data Vault and DV 2.0. In fact, even though it's the only Data Vault focused event in the world, it has been known to receive accolades such as "best event ever" and "not to be missed" by the attendees.

It has also consistently improved and 2017 was the 4th year and attended by 100 people from across the world including Canada, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, India, Czech Republic and so many more. 

This particular event was professionally recorded for the benefit of the attendees who have already been given access to these recordings.

If you did not attend, you can easily get access to the recordings at a fraction of the costs that the attendees paid overall (when you consider ticket prices, travel, time off work, hotel costs etc). But, there's really no substitute to attending in person and interacting with like minded people.

Here we offer you the next best thing.

Just the recordings for a tiny price.

But, before you invest, there are few things you need to be aware of:

1. There are no refunds. Sorry, this is to be fair to the folks who attended the event. 

2. The pre-conference sessions weren't going to be included at first because some of the screens weren't very clear. But, then we did decide to include them anyway. Keep in mind, some of the screens may be a bit blurry in these.

3. The actual conference sessions are professionally recorded and fantastic quality.

Here's what's included:

Pre-conference Sessions

  • Brainstorming with Dan Linstedt (Inventor of the Data Vault and DV 2.0), Michael Olschimke (Co-Author, Building a Scalable Data Warehouse with DV 2.0) and Sanjay Pande (co-founder, LearnDataVault)
  • Talend and Snowflake Hand's On Session
  • WhereScape Hands On Session
  • Analytix DS Hands On Workshop
Main Conference Sessions
  • Keynote I - A Big Data Cheat Sheet for the Technically Savvy Data Professional (Tamara Dull, Director of Emerging Technologies, SAS)
  • Implementing a Data Vault 2.0 in the DoD (Cynthia Meyersohn, Senior Technical Consultant, Quadrint)
  • Data Vault 2.0 and the Power of Metadata (Steven Mellare, Data and Information Architect and Strategist, Pepper Money)
  • Software Defined Data Warehouse Using Data Vault 2.0 (Tevje Olin, Data Architect and Consultant, Solita)
  • Big Data Vault at Micron (Mike Magalsky, Enterprise Data Architect, Micron and Chris Sundstrom, Principal Data Architect, IM Flash Technologies)
  • Talend in the world of Data Vault (Dale Anderson, Customer Success Architect, Talend)
  • Analytix DS (Sam Benedict, VP Strategic Accounts, Analytix DS)
  • Data Mining in the Data Vault (Michael Olschimke, CEO, ScaleFree)
  • Keynote II - Are You Agile or Are You Fragile? (Scott Ambler, Senior Consulting Partner, Scott Ambler + Associates)
  • Agile Methods and Data Warehousing: How to Deliver Faster (Kent Graziano, Senior Technical Evangelist, Snowflake Computing)
  • No DV is an Island: What Lies Beyond (Nols Ebersohn, Principal Architect, Certus Solutions Limited)
  • Beyond a Hadoop DV 2.0 Data Warehouse (Sanjay Pande, Co-Founder, LearnDataVault.com)
  • Business Vault Creation using a Rules Engine (Bruce McCartney, Senior Information Architect, First4 Database Partners)
  • Getting a Data Vault Project Approved (Neil Strange, Founder and MD, Business Thinking)
  • A Data Modeler and Process Modeler Walk into a Data Vault (John Giles, Independent Consultant and author of "The Nimble Elephant")
  • WhereScape Automation Enabling Data Vault 2.0 (Neil Barton, CTO, WhereScape and Paul Watson Gover, Senior Solution Architect, WhereScape)
  • Data Vault Automation - An OnGoing Story at Intact Financial (Francois Trudeau, Application Architect for Enterprise Information Systems, Intact Financial)
  • Moving to the Cloud, Metadata Driven Automation at Yale (Robert Scott, CTO, EON Collective)
  • Uncertainty, Risk and the Value of Information (Brad Bergh, Enterprise Information Consultant)
As you can see, that is a ton of content that spans over 4 days.

These recordings will only be available as long as this page is up, because there's so much value crammed in there, we're planning to create multiple products out of them and sell them separately.

So, if you missed out on the WWDVC and want to invest in this extremely valuable set that includes actual customer case study presentations, AND you can handle the fact that there are NO REFUNDS available for this, then click the order button below and it will walk you through the ordering process and if all goes well, instantly create your access to the members area.

BUT, sometimes delays and timeouts do occur especially in payment processing systems. This is usually the fault of your bank which can have an issue with an online payment which causes a delay in the disbursement of funds to us which breaks the chain of automation. If something like that happens, we're available to address those issues at our support link or you can contact us directly as well.